Rocky Mountain Sportswomen is a network of women based out of the Yampa Valley in Colorado who are passionate about the outdoors, conservation, and community. We strive to learn more about our hunting and fishing skills, and encourage more women to do the same. With a variety of backgrounds and experience, our Rocky Mountain Sportswomen team and participants provide a unique story as a whole. With creative events, clinics, and partnerships, we provide an easy outlet for women to make new friendships, and learn new skills with the support of other like-minded women.

The Muley Fanatic Foundation: Established in 2012

MFF continues to make tremendous strides in furthering the Muley Fanatic Foundation mission through efficient efforts designed to be simple in modeling but profound in impact. With a funding model designed to retain and allocate 70% of the funds where the revenue is generated, it is with great satisfaction to see the model working and making a difference where folks should expect to see the fruits of their labor, in their own backyard.

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